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Whether you are looking to drive booth traffic, acquire leads, or just have a little fun, we will ensure your brand stands out with a unique experience.


Brandgage is an interactive agency with backgrounds in digital development and design that span nearly two decades. We work with major international companies to provide interactive booth solutions for worldwide exhibitions. With a focus on brand engagement, we deliver reliable applications using of-the-moment technology that will complement your brand’s event marketing strategy.

CMS Driven
and Websites



Games and

Touch Screen

Metrics and

More dynamic, and easier to manage.


Our CMS driven applications and websites make interactive content more manageable and cost effective. Applications can be easily updated to incorporate last-minute changes or with new content for an upcoming show without the need for a complete rebuild.


Web solutions, such as our Expo Scheduler product, compliment event marketing strategies by thinning the cloud of details and streamlining the event planning process. All essential information is organized and stored in one place, in real-time. What’s your biggest challenge when planning an upcoming event? We’ll create a custom solution.

Get what you need out of each engagement.


Make of the most of your company’s lead generation efforts with a fully customized lead retrieval experience that can be added to any of our applications. Don’t get stuck using expensive equipment and stock applications from lead retrieval companies.


Only gather the information you need while still utilizing badge scanning. Applications can be easily updated for future events to include different data fields, send eLiterature, badge scanning technology, and more.

Generate excitement. Capture information.


Attract buzzworthy attention to your booth with a fun, interactive activity that both engages your audience and brings awareness to your brand. We’ve done it all, including arcade-style games, trivia, multiplayer touch displays, and virtual reality.


As visitors engage with your game, you can track scores, names, and even contact information with built-in metrics & reporting. Your game should deliver more than just entertainment.

Keep in touch with your audience.


Our interactive touch screen applications have a multitude of purposes and endless functionality options.


They range from the programming of digital detail aids to immersive gaming on multi-touch tables. Tell your brand’s story with interactive video or distribute information to your audience with eLiterature. Whatever your goals, we aim to bring your vision to life.

Unlock the data behind your booth's performance.


Metrics and reporting can be integrated into any of our applications. We can provide information that offers deep insight on booth performance, traffic, leads, and interactions. Track your event activity and take notes to remember your conversations in-app or via an online interface. Use our reports to measure success and set future goals for your next event.

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